NAKED WOMAN COVERED IN GLITTER, AND WORDS is a literal word-for-word description of Loaded Magazine.

A magazine that questions the very nature of what is a magazine. At the time of production, Loaded was the best selling magazine in the UK. This stripped down version was a way of understanding it's allure. Visually it is the opposite of Loaded, intentionally un-designed and spartan. And because of this, every single line describing what you should be seeing, is far more potent than what can actually be seen in the original. Naked woman covered in glitter, and words is a shrink-wrapped glossy magazine, the exact same size and paper stock as Loaded Magazine, consisting of 220 white pages, each with a small selection of words in Times New Roman font.

PRESS: Art on Paper / Creative Review / Michael Gibbs / Eins Eins Eins / Critical Reports / IdN - International Designers Network / Art Monthly

BOOKS: Graphic Design: Now in Production / Kiosk: Modes of Multiplication / The Modern Magazine

EXHIBITIONS: ICA (London), Artspace (Aukland) / The Physics Room (Christchurch) / Charles H. Scott Gallery (Vancouver) / Artists' Space (NYC) / Midway Contemporary (Minneapolis) / ICA (Philadelphia) / Boekie Woekie - solo show (Amsterdam) / Kunstverein (Bonn) / Stroud House Gallery (Bath) / Galerie Art & Essai & École des Beaux-Arts (Rennes) / Kunstbibliothek (Berlin) / Walker Arts Center (Minneapolis) / Cooper-Hewit Smithsonian (NYC) / Hammer Museum (UCLA) / Contemporary Art Museum (Houston) / Southeastern Centre for Contemporary Art (Winston-Salem)