NO STICKERS: 5000 stickers for London Underground stations and trains. 

This project was created to highlight new regulations criminalizing begging on the Underground. British transport police placed signs across London Underground saying "No Begging - Penalty £200" - raising the obvious question of how could a homeless person ever afford to pay a £200 fine? To highlight this Kafka-esque problem, we created a series of equally absurd rules that looked identical to the official ones, and placed them on London Underground stations and trains.

PRESS: Loaded Magazine / Art - Das Kunstmagazin / The Poke / IdN - International Designers Network / The Daily Telegraph / The Mirror / The Sun / BBC News / BBC America / Wooster Collective / Secret London / Sticky Labels / Buzzfeed /

PUBLICATIONS:  Stickers2 / IdN Profile: Joseph Ernst - Design in Contempt